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Closer to home...Very close
fzenimare wrote in singapore_furs
Secrets have always been kept between friends...
Secrets have always been kept between brothers...

My phone needs to go under repair again...
Technology hates me...D=

So I have to use my brother's phone. Well, was browsing through to find a list of songs to hear.
I stumbled upon an image folder named. "Furries". I thought it was my memory...and checked the memory card, finding out that it was not mine.
When he came back from school, he read on my facebook that I got to make a fursuit. From there, we found each other's secrets. BOTH OF US ARE FURRIES!! I MEAN WHAT THE HELL!!!

For more proof, you can ask him himself if he gets online and there are pictures of his furry self in an IMVU chatting client. He's a wolf/cat hybrid but he leans more to wolf so yea, lupine....

I seem to stumble upon furries along the way...

...and FYI, victortky is my CCA leader (link Krado gave a few posts back), been trying to get him to speak up but heck, I'll have to try harder. Face to face talk.

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he got lucky :P

i mean, how many people do you know, personally, become furries?

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