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Halloween 2011 Fursuit & Bowling video video (29/10/2011)
Dragon Noms fursuit

Wikifur article updated
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Minor update on the Singapore Furs wiki.

Singapore furs wiki updated!
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The Singapore Furs wikifur page has been updated! Go forth and see the two new costumes/fursuits in case you missed them!

A refresh coming your way soon ...
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It seems that this LiveJournal community have been sitting around for a bit and aren't really being active. Hopefully, this will get refurbished a bit so that they'll be able to provide references to past events and serve to direct readers of the community. Look forward to some more posts and updates coming soon to this Livejournal community.

just something from halloween.
vee fox furry

just me and DL.

A fur could be...

On Teacher's Day Eve, I visited my school and met up with my old friends. I suddenly stumbled upon my old classmate.

Scenic Re-enactments:

Me: So, guess you guys are going to the concert?

Others: Yea, yea hold on...I go get some food.

Could be fur: Cookies are the best cause I go Om nom nom nom nom nom

Me: ????


Me: Well, SP was like...

Could Be Fur: *growl* *growl*

Me: Growling huh? GRAWR!!

Could Be Fur: Well, I can haz cheeseburgers and cookies so I can growl.

Me: Huh?

Could Be Fur: That cake is a LIE!!!

Me: Well, I gotta go...

So that was what has happened. I will find out more about him and give an update. Victortky has not replied and has been hiding from me. The junior that I talked about in the previous post is quite shy to enter as he don't want to reveal his other side.

Galendor Fzenimare (c) 2nd September; 6:11PM

Closer to home...Very close
Secrets have always been kept between friends...
Secrets have always been kept between brothers...

My phone needs to go under repair again...
Technology hates me...D=

So I have to use my brother's phone. Well, was browsing through to find a list of songs to hear.
I stumbled upon an image folder named. "Furries". I thought it was my memory...and checked the memory card, finding out that it was not mine.
When he came back from school, he read on my facebook that I got to make a fursuit. From there, we found each other's secrets. BOTH OF US ARE FURRIES!! I MEAN WHAT THE HELL!!!

For more proof, you can ask him himself if he gets online and there are pictures of his furry self in an IMVU chatting client. He's a wolf/cat hybrid but he leans more to wolf so yea, lupine....

I seem to stumble upon furries along the way...

...and FYI, victortky is my CCA leader (link Krado gave a few posts back), been trying to get him to speak up but heck, I'll have to try harder. Face to face talk.

The Million Dollar Question
Well, I was talking to my juniors when I visited back my school.

He gave me one specific question. *translated cause it's in Malay*

J: "Bro, erm...I see you like to draw dragons..Do you ever felt you were a dragon?"

Me: "Why do you ask?"

J: "Well, I have been feeling like I want to be a dragon and such and I have a fursona of it"

Me: "Oh..kay. Well, let me guess? A draconic?"

J: "How do you know?"

Me: "Well, I am a draconic as well but generally known as a furry"

J: "Well, can I talk to you then? I am shy around my friends."

Me: "Okay, sure then."

So far, I have added him on facebook. He has yet to reply, so maybe soon I will be coming back to my secondary school to search for him. A dragon fur. Yays